How to make your trip a hero instead of a zero in 6 simple steps:

1. Pick your destination

There are many kinds of trips: a brief one, a long one, a trip full of adventures or a trip with a chill-out nature. Each destination has its own character and unique things that can be offered and you won’t find in other places. Therefore, pick your destination wisely after considering your objectives and interests in order to spend your valuable resources on the very top option among many. 

2. Do your homework

You are done with school or university and thought that you will be homework free? Well, think again!

But wait no need to have panic. These preparations should be an integral part of your trip and expected to be fun as well. Search on websites, get informed on forums, read guides and ask friends. Look for tips on things that are mandatory for every visitor and mine gold nuggets about things that made a memorable trip for others and aren't written in the conventional guide books.  

After the initial research, gather the information and structure your route. Very Important: Build only a flexible plan which allows you to spend more or less time in different places, add or remove points of interest and be willing to change things in motion. After all, a plan is important for not wasting time while traveling, saving money and avoiding missing out of "must to see" locations but it's just a mean to optimize your trip and there will be heaps of unexpected events that will turn your traveling unique and special.

3. Find a partner

Whether you see yourself paving new trails where no man has set a foot before on your own or not, it's always nice to have someone once you've reached a new unfamiliar destination. In some cases, it would be highly recommended for self-security purposes.

This step will make more sense after you have an idea of how your trip should look like. You could then search for the "chosen one" online (forums, Facebook, etc.), in traveling stores or by mouth to ear. Choose someone who has the same views in regard to the route, objectives, budget and so on (in case you might want to travel together after the arrival). Conduct a face to face meeting over a beer or coffee (we don't judge) or on Skype.

You will find out that you've might just met a friend for life. 

4. Gear up! 

This is one of the most important and underestimated stages of a trip planning. Good equipment can really make a difference between a successful trip and a bad one. It can affect your experience, mood, performance and in some cases even your health. When traveling, you want to be sure that your practically "small home" you're carrying on your back or its components do not turn to be a source for problems. The last thing you want to do while enjoying, picking up friends and memories for life is to waste time and money for replacements for equipment which could have been avoided beforehand.  

Do yourself a favor: invest in quality gear (it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive!!!), whether it's LATREK's or other's product. It just doesn't worth the hustle.


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5. Prepare yourself

You are almost taking off. This is the time to make sure that you have everything you need to start your journey.

Check your passport, inquire about border control's regulations, exchange enough money to the local currency in your destination (traveler checks could be very helpful), go over your equipment, take vaccinations (if needed), confirm your flights and generally take the necessary measurements to have a clear mind for your upcoming adventure. 

6. Enjoy it!

We got to the moment of truth. The former steps are important but they are all there to serve the sole goal which is your trip. Take advantage of your good and hard efforts to make the best out of your time in the chosen location with your new friends. Don't be afraid to change things if it seems to make your experience better, explore and challenge your limits and always try new things. Keep in mind all along that there's nothing more important than the present and act as if you might never go back there again. Having that said, take your time, be safe and leave the stress behind (try to avoid it when your trip is over too, if possible). After all, there is no better way to shift your thoughts from the daily stressful obligations than an enjoyable trip. All you have to do when you go back is to expect and plan your next great adventure :-) 

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